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What is TelegramShops? is a marketplace for products and services from Telegram stores. can be used as Telegram Store Directory where you will be able to browse Telegram stores and their products.

How to buy products on Telegram Stores?

You can buy goods directly from Telegram channels and groups. Find a product that you want to buy, click the 'Buy' button and simply select the payment processor (e.g. Stripe) and follow the instructions. Currently Telegram supports a wide selection payment processors which makes buying things on Telegram extremely convenient. Save you payment and shipping details for even faster online shopping in Telegram

How to find Telegram stores? offers a free Telegram Store Directory where you can find popular Telegram stores with reviews. You will able to filter shops by categories, keywords, popularity and ratings. It has never been easier to find your favorite Telegram shop.

How to find products that are selling on Telegram shops?

It can be a problem to find a product that you want to buy from Telegram Stores. Thats why we created With the help of this website you can browse the product catalogs of thousands Telegram shops. Use the search bar to specify your keywords. After searching you will be able to directly navigate to the desired Telegram shop where you will be able to securely process the payment using a wide list of payment processors.